We offer taster sessions for potential new members. Come and join one of our coached sessions at Pencoed Pool every Friday between 18:00-19:00, and bring a swim hat and some goggles. Remember, you don’t need to be a pro – we cater for all abilities. If you just want to swim to improve fitness that’s fine too!

Once you have decided to join us, we recommend you invest in some swim training equipment such as FINIS Long Floating Fins  and a pull buoy (other websites are available).

Our beginners might find the following example swim sets useful if training outside of our sessions. For those taking things a bit more seriously, our head coach develops a yearly plan to ensure sessions deliver the most appropriate training for our members.

For club members we offer a free one-to-one video analysis, with the aim of improving your swimming by identifying and correcting technique. We also carry out swimming speed tests. You will hear swimmers talk about CSS, this is your critical swim speed and is used to calculate the most effective pace that you should train at. Once we know your speed we can tailor your training more effectively.

What is CSS?


Open water swimming is seasonal and is dependent upon experience. If you do swim with other members of the club then please ensure that you do so with a tow float . You can be seen far easier by vessels sharing the water.