Firstly to new members DO NOT PANIC! Over the course of the next few weeks we are aiming to work out your level of swim fitness, often called your ‘CSS’ pace or ‘Critical Swim Speed’. This is simply timing you over both 200m and 400m distances. We kindly ask if ALL members could try and attend one of our sessions leading up to the Christmas break for your CSS test.

Why are we doing this?…

This is so that so that as we move forward in the new year we can group you with swimmers of a similar pace. Essentially you should be able to sustain your swim pace throughout your training session, we don’t want you blowing up and running out of energy 20 minutes in. Likewise it shouldn’t be easy either!

For novices it is likely that we will be focusing on your technique rather than CSS, so don’t worry.

So what is CSS?…….

CSS training and how it is calculated

If you are still unsure please ask one of our coaches for more information.